Ask a pizzaholic, what’s pizza? And you’ll get to know the real worth of this yummilicious beverage that we are obsessed with. All thanks to Raffaele Esposito (The Neapolitan Pizzamaker) who invented this appetizing snack & gave us a wonderful option to spice up our meal times.

One major reason why people love having pizza is, it’s easily available & delicious. Due to hectic schedules, people hardly have time to cook thus, the number of pizza lovers is booming everyday.  Of course, who would love to cook a meal after a tired day, and especially when they can have a cheesy pizza for dinner.

With the pace of time, many pizza ovens and commercial dough mixers for pizza base have been introduced to let people enjoy baking a pizza at their own home. But, it’s somehow hard to get that exact taste of your favorite pizza corner. And, in case, you’re good at baking, then why don’t try your hand at opening up your own pizza shop?

I firmly believe, it is one of the coolest business outlets that you can go for. Imagine, what can be better than baking pizzas all the day & serving them. The biggest highlight is, whenever you feel hungry just bake a cheesy pizza with your favorite toppings & enjoy it even during your working hours!

Well, with the business point of view, there’s a distinct procedure to follow. Let’s quickly check out what you need to do to start your pizza house.

  • Undergo culinary training– Undoubtedly, no certification is required to start a pizza house. But, for a better handling & exposure, it’s always better to have some relevant experience.
  • Do thorough research about this business line– Get in touch with your near & dear ones, ask for advice. Read about the pre-requisites of this business start up.
  • Decide what kind of pizza you want to bake & sell– Obviously, you’ll know, there are numerous pizzas with different toppings. So think, which one is the best to start with. Go for the highly preferred choices.
  • Don’t forget to get the license– You’ll need a license to run your business. For that, performing the paperwork is necessary. The set of papers may include your ID proofs, residential proof, and papers of your pizza corner.
  • Go get a logo designed for you– It is a logo that identifies your business. So, having an identity is always important.
  • Check with your fund requirements– A lavish start up asks for a huge amount. If luckily you are fortunate enough to finance your business on your own, then you might not need to raise funds from outside. But if not, then go ask an accountant about the estimated money required.
  • Apply for a business loan– Mention the pre-assumed price while applying for a bank loan. It may help you to avoid additional debt.
  • Think of a nice place to set up business– Pick a renowned destination that may become a plus point of your pizza outlet. Prefer setting up nearby college. It’ll easy to reach the targeted audience.
  • Hire employees– Start recruiting staff, but in a limited number. It is always right to hire gradually so that it doesn’t affect your finances. Go for staff that is ready for pizza supplies as well.
  • Promotion is a must– After all these steps, now you’re just left with the marketing of your business. Initially, give some trial offers to lure your targeted audience.

May you have a delicious start-up!

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