With the advent of technology and proper affordable airway travel, the world has now become a global village. People of multiple cultures are now visiting hotels. The Hospitality Industry should therefore be one step ahead and know how to satisfy such international customers. Additionally, the growth of insecurity has become a global trend. Hotels that are going to address these issues are going to be one step ahead of the game. Here are some of trending factor that will shape the Hospitality Industry in 2018

Meeting customer needs and experiences

Hotels should strive to enrich exceptional memorable experiences to their customers. This will leave the customers to continually talk about that particular hotel even after they check out. It could be the local authentic cuisine or a multicultural set of the employees in the hotel. On the top of it, coffee consumers are looking for better coffee roaster and higher quality of coffee beans and information such as different type of coffees.

Similarly, the world has now become a global village. You will expect a multicultural set of customers visiting. You should meet the needs of such customers. Probably employing a multicultural team of employees will help.


Technology and Data Security (GDPR)

In 2018, implement proper customer data storage. Technology is available to make this a smooth transition.
The essence of date storage is to empower the Hospitality Industry with tools for effective communication with customers to create good relationships.

However, on 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act is going to be implemented. This will require Hotel Industries to protect personal data and privacy of the
EU citizens. Non-compliance might cost a Hotel a great deal of customer let alone the heavy fines one can incur. Therefore as a hotel industry, ensure you comply.

Customer Relationship Management

With all the stored data, the hotel industry should use the available technological tools to bring up a personalized relationship with their guest. Stored data can be used to pin point the customers that are always on the go. Then instigate measure to make your hotel their choice.

Customer relationship management should not be left to the sales representative alone. It adds value when the hotel operational and management staff takes part in it. If this is properly done it will enhance customer loyalty and this will mean huge revenues.

Organic Healthy Eating

The world is going organic. People are more conscious about what they eat.

  • They want natural food from organic sources (often cook with steam – see the best commercial combi oven for sale)
  • They don’t want to take in toxic pesticides.
  • They want meals packed with antioxidant to help them fight aging.
  • They want to lose weight and many more.

This will be a trend to shape hospitality industry in restaurants in 2018. To be on the top of the game you should offer such provisions. You can prepare paleo-diets, weight friendly meals, and anti-aging diets easily with the specific hospitality or commercial catering equipment and see how it turns out. Making it known to the customers that you have such provisions will come in handy. Having the right commercial kitchen will help you to offer the best healthy menu from deli slicers, coffee glasses to deep fryers.


The needs of the customers are changing due to the cultural diversity. Also customers have visited several places and have tested several meals. They have a wide range of hotel options to choose from and comply to be safe and realize revenues.