Italy – The land of so many architectural masterpieces is also renowned for originating cheesy pizza. Now, the mania for this yummilicious beverage can be witnessed by you in any pizza outlet.

Pizza being the heart of almost every young lad has become one of the highly consumed beverages that are driving everyone goes gaga over it. Be it the taste or look, everything is just more than delicious about it. And the best thing about pizza is that it’s quite easy to cook.

For those who know cooking a bit more than usual can even bake a fresh pizza at their home.  All you need is a pizza base (which is easily available in the market), your favorite toppings, oregano, chili flakes and some mozzarella cheese to add that creaminess to your pizza.

This, of course, raised the demand for pizza ovens by ten times, especially in the past 4-5 years. And when it’s so quick to bake then who would love to miss a chance to enjoy a freshly baked pizza with your favorite toppings.

Baking and then having pizza might sound quite delightful but when it comes to cleaning the mess behind it, then you need a lot of patience. If you bake a pizza at your home then chances are rare as domestic ovens are not that hard to clean. Just a swipe of a bit wet cotton cloth and you are almost done.

The real challenge is when you have to clean up your commercial pizza oven. Once the pizza is baked, the oven is left with some splashes of cheese or toppings which after a time turn into stubborn stains. To get rid of such cleaning issues, here’s what you should do.

  1. Set your pizza oven to 400 degrees for almost 25-30 minutes. With this, the stains will melt and drop to the surface which ultimately is helpful for the oven cleaning.
  1. Do not start cleaning immediately after switching off oven. Let it cool down properly for around 5-6 hours and then start the cleaning process. With this, you can safeguard yourself and the oven as well.
  1. In order to clean the stainless steel surface, using a wet soft cloth will be more than enough. Just a clean swipe and you are done to make it look shiny again.
  1. While cleaning, never think of using water. Instead, water, use oven cleaning lotion or liquids which are better to avoid any damage to the oven.

Cleaning tip– Never use a hairbrush to clean oven or any other cooking equipment. This may leave some hair in the oven & may even end up being one of the unwanted ingredients in your pizza.

Most of the pizza equipment in Melbourne at renowned hotels or eatable points are cleaned in the same way.

The final word-

Baking pizza is much easier than cleaning up the pizza oven later. This is when you have to take extra care of your hands and oven. As a little bit of mistake or lack of attention can damage your pizza oven in no time, so it’s always wise to stay alert & proceed with precautions.

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