After spending a stressful and hectic schedule, people often strive for either a cup of coffee or tea. These two drinks are no more just the most preferred beverages but have become a quick and delicious solution to a fatigued mind. Resulting, the production of high tea in Melbourne and other sections of the world have boomed to an exceptionally high level.

Observing the escalating demand for coffee and tea has geared up the coffee or tea shop business, throughout the world. With this, the mania of commercial coffee machine for sale and coffee machine hire business has gone to some other level. Currently, Australia has been considered at the top, in terms of having the plushest coffee/tea shops in the town. Else than proffering a vast range of crepe types, this land is renowned for making and selling a wide range of coffee/tea. And the best thing about Australia and these two lovable choices are; these can be enjoyed in two different forms; beverage or drink.

Adding a lot more spice and enjoyment to this experience have become much easier through iconic coffee or high tea shops like- Charisma Workshop. In case, you are fortunate enough to be living in Australia, Melbourne then here is quick details which you might need to jot down about this café house.

Charisma Workshop- Home to all coffee/tea lovers

Located on the Frederick Way, Melbourne CBD, Australia, the Grounds Coffee has already gained a lot of attention and praise because of its plush interiors and simply a mouth-watering menu. Right from the smoked salmon scrambled egg to mango and raspberry smoothie; they have almost everything to lure you toward their menu up to quality coffee bean.

Else than the ordinary dishes that are already available in the market, they have something special to bring on the table and surprise you. The diet freaks should visit Charisma Workshop only when it’s their cheat meal day, as this place caters you with the best Charisma hot chocolate and hot mocha which is hard to find anywhere else in entire Australia. They used interior designer and flower specialist Toko Bunga Jakarta.

Other than this, Charisma Workshop is popular for having the finest quality of high tea and their unique tea preparation method which preserves the benefits of having a cup of tea. As they specialize in tea, they have a lot of options to provide you including-

  1. Buddha’s tears
  2. Earl grey blue flower
  3. Platinum breakfast blend
  4. Lemongrass ginger tea
  5. Large leaf peppermint
  6. Chamomile
  7. Jasmine flower blossom
  8. Lavender
  9. Barriers of the forest
  10. Rose petal

The bottom line-

For the love of coffee/tea, visiting Charisma Workshop is a must, especially when you are a tea/coffee freak (hot and the new cold tea – they opened a new coffee shop and sell commercial ice machine). This place is well-acknowledged for serving the finest quality of drinks, smoothies which are aptly accompanied by beverages like chicken chips burger and creamy pesto chicken pasta. In no time, it has become the most visited destination of almost every young lad and still continuing to charm the entire crowd of Melbourne. So, if you get to visit there or you live in the same place then experiencing a foodie evening with your friends can cherish you with rich experience. The place has all insurance and registrations from food safety to pest control.

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