Goldstein Equipment is Australian food service equipment manufacturer established in 1911 by the consolidation of J.Goldstein & Co., later in 1932 the company established dishwashers. Since its establishment, it’s ranked as the best Australia’s food equipment manufacturer with good longevity in the service provision. In the history of the company, there’re many developments and establishments of extended services such as Eagle Carbonating Co., commercial refrigeration and ice-cream equipment.

How do they work?

Goldstein Equipment performs its job by designing and building a wide range of cooking equipment and dishwashers in its manufacturing facility located in Smithfield. After manufacturing equipment, the company distributes them to the public through its state offices in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane where it also provides after sale services to its customers.

Services and products

The company manufactures a wide range of equipment. This include; Gas cooking and electric cooking equipment, vision cooking centers, smart serve banquet systems, smart chill blast chillers, glass washers, cake display cabinets and dishwashers and cleaning products. In these categories, there’re options to choose from so that you carry home the best choice of equipment such as the Goldstein commercial wok burner and commercial hot plate.
The company is also concerned in services provided to the customers around Australia. These services include after sales and customer support services.


• Provide the customers with equipment offering a 1-year warranty, proficiently supported by all regional offices and qualified service agents all over the country. Safeguards the customer utility by ensuring them return of defective equipment prior to warranty expiry.
• Offer customers with high-quality equipment and machinery. Goldstein equipment can remain in good working condition for a desirable time with 10 years spare parts availability guarantee. The longevity of the company in equipment manufacturing and distribution is a strong testimonial for quality equipment.
• Treats all customers with unrivaled service levels, this enhances equality in all state offices. The company believes no little order to be ignored for them to serve the big orders first. Your orders are considered as worthy as any other on the line.
• It has expertise team with the highest degree in sales and customer support services. This enables reliable communications between customers and the company. Throughout the year you can access these professional services 24/7. Your concerns are pinpointed by this experienced team to your satisfaction.
• Have a wide range of options in the equipment available. The kitchenware company does its own designing and manufacturing of equipment of different sizes and materials. This gives the customer preference and chooses option according to their needs.


• The company doesn’t have global offices to distribute its catering equipment. It concentrates more in the local than international marketing. This makes equipment not available for many people living far Australia.
To ensure your kitchen offer the best results either in business, butcher retail design or at home, you need to procure the highest quality equipment. From the company review for Goldstein Equipment, it’s wise to buy your food service equipment with a guarantee or warranty valid for a reasonable period to avoid heavy losses which would result from the failure of your defective equipment. If you’re living In Australia take the advantage of sourcing kitchen and food services equipment from Goldstein Equipment which has assured you the reliable after sales and support services at 24/7 throughout the year. You can hit this link to direct you to the Goldstein website http://www.goldsteineswood.com.au/

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