The true traits of a home-maker can only be analyzed through the condition of the kitchen and bathroom area of the home. Because these two sections of the home have most of the chances of getting dirty thus needs to be cleaned every day.

Though for once it may sound like a yet another household task the reality is you need to be really conscious about the cleanliness of these two sections. And why? Because countless diseases or germs enter through your kitchen like Goldstein  gas stove and bathroom to ruin your health which is why taking necessary hygiene precautions is always a must.

Usually, the most usable equipment of your home is generally the glass washers, gas stove and oven which of course demand a regular cleaning. Rare house makers pay much attention to thorough cleaning may be because of monotony or lack of time. Therefore, you get to see stubborn stains, every time you need to enter the kitchen.

In case, your mother or wife isn’t able to spare time to clean the kitchen equipment then why aren’t you taking the initiative? Get your hands over it & be ready to cherish your mother with a clean & tidy kitchen.

So, let’s check out how a gas stove and oven can be cleaned easily without spending much time.

Ammonia – A person who loves cleanliness knows about it very well. Ammonia is the best cleaning agent that has all the traits to help you remove dirty & unwanted stains. Be it your favorite dress or a kitchen equipment, ammonia is ideal for cleaning & gives you impressive results for sure. Just scrub it properly on the required surface & then clean it with a cotton cloth which is properly dipped in lukewarm water.

Vinegar – Usually used in cooking continental or Japanese food, this vinegar not just spices up your favorite cuisines but makes your kitchen look completely picture perfect. Just a little bit of drops on the required area can help you get rid of rigid stains which were ruining the beauty of your kitchen appliances till now.

Baking soda and lemon – Mix baking soda and lemon juice in similar quantity and make a thick paste out of it. Spread this mixture on the required area & then scrub it with a cotton cloth slowly. After 5-7 minutes, rinse it with cold or normal water.

Oven cleaner – You can easily buy any oven cleaner from the market to clean either gas stove or oven. Such cleaners are commonly used for cleaning commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne hotels or restaurants.

Olive oil – Don’t worry if you don’t have olive oil. You can even use any vegetable oil as well. This is used when the stains have dried and are hard to remove. Pour few droplets of oil on the surface & rub it gently to remove the scars. Once done, clean it with soap & water.

Soap and baking soda – Take liquid soap and baking soda to form a mixture out of it, ideal to clean commercial char grills and gas fryers. Then apply it on the required surface and start cleaning to see instant results for your Brisbane kitchen renovations.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda – Both these ingredients are easily available in the market. All you need is to sprinkle both of them on the surface and rub with a slightly wet cloth to bring back the shine.


Safety tip

Operating or even cleaning an oven or gas stove is not a child’s play. This may even turn into an accident if safety measures aren’t taken properly. Make sure to switch off the gas and oven before you start with your cleaning activities.

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