For the residential cooking zone, the overall aesthetic outlook is the key, on flip side, for commercial kitchens the utility of the space matter a lot. Deducing from the above statement, the kitchen designs play an essential role when it’s cooking time.

Today we have rounded up five Types of Kitchen Designs for Your Home or Diner-

1. One-Wall Kitchen

This one is a fashionable decision in apartments and flats where the cooking arena isn’t big, and only one woman does the job of cooking. The one-wall kitchen is also preferred by restaurant owners, as here all the stuff required by the chef are under easy reach. This one-wall layout planned by a qualified kitchen designer establishes the efficient use of the storage space available and ensuring everything is maintained in a neat & tidy manner. However, the smart buying of the appliances is important to have the best use of the space.

2. The Galley Kitchen

This one is meant for lavish kitchens at big houses or the luxury cafes. The layout of the gallery kitchen designed by the Hamptons kitchens involves- the appliances are on one side and the counter side on the other end, while there is space in between for professionals to walk & work when your customers wait for the food to be cooked. This type has got its name from the ship’s gallery, where the cooking space is at a premium. Most of the kitchen renovation consultants will give you a portfolio of their previous work such as kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovation.

3. The U-Shaped or ‘Horseshoe’ Kitchen

Though, seldom used in restaurants, the U-Shaped or ‘Horseshoe’ Kitchen is an ideal pick for a single personnel cooking. The layout of this kitchen design is quite simplified; here the widened kitchen gallery opens to the living room. You can get rid of the wall and the cabinetry to create the seating for your chef.

4. The L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchens are embraced by homeowners belonging to the modern apartment culture where the use of the separate dining has vanished. This L kitchen layout let, more than one individual to cook and provides ample space for the restaurant fit out. The greater is the length of the room, the more the space for cooking at commercial spaces.

5. The G-Shaped Kitchen

The design of this cafe is quite similar to the U-shaped layout; expect there is an addition of the fourth leg. This leg provides extra space where the second cook or people related to the commercial like the waiter can easily seat and work all day long. With all the above-listed types of kitchens-, the U, L or the G- having an island can boost the seating capacity of the cooking arena. Also, it provides extra storage to keep the various cooking equipment and other related stuff.

The Last Advice

Each of the above-highlighted kitchen designs has its own set of pros and shortcomings. So, you need to find a trustworthy kitchen renovation to explain the difference, based on your needs and demands. Their experience will count to ensure that you or your chef love cooking all day long.